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Our experts

Our people:

Professionals who respond to the needs of a highly diversified clientele in broad market areas with a command of transversal expertise at every level.
People who are always attentive to every individual situation and the specifics of the single case.

I Soci

The Professionals

Our offices

Our offices are in Milan, Genoa and Turin, but we are able to offer specialised consulting activities, particularly to small and medium-sized companies, both nationally and internationally


Via della Chiusa, 15 — 20123

Tel. +39 02 72 11 751
Fax. +39 02 72 11 7575

E-mail studio.milano@stlex.it


Piazza della Vittoria, 10 — 16121

Tel. +39 010 55 32 41
Fax. +39 010 55 32 460

E-mail studio.genova@stlex.it


Corso Matteotti, 12 — 10121

Tel. +39 011 41 20 810
Fax. +39 011 41 20 820

E-mail studio.torino@stlex.it

I professionisti

A professional firm is made up of experts but, first and foremost, people.

We invest a lot in the relationships between the people who are part of our firm and they are all equally encouraged to achieve excellence in their professional development. What we look for in young professionals is the curiosity to learn constantly, as well as the ambition to face every challenge with dedication and enthusiasm.

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