Matteo Gallizioli

Bookkeeper Senior Associate
Languages Spoken Italian, English
Firm Genoa


Having attained a High School Diploma in Bookkeeping in 1993, I developed my passion in the tax field in a small firm in Milan, alongside an expert Chartered Accountant, my mentor, from whom I was able to absorb skills and abilities, developing my expertise also with assignments as a technical consultant. I joined ECOVIS STLex in March 2001, and have consolidated my experience over the years, mainly in the area of taxation of natural persons.


I specialise in advising natural persons on taxation in general and with a special interest in international taxation and all related issues. I am highly skilled in preliminary and pre-litigation tax matters. I also provide advice on the management of clients’ real estate assets and the relative tax obligations, the preparation of income tax returns and the taxation and tax monitoring of assets abroad.

Personal profiles and commitments

Being positive helps me to face the ongoing daily challenges that present themselves to the best of my ability.


  • Consulting and professional services for professionals
  • Consulting and professional services for sole proprietorships
  • Consulting and professional services for individuals

Area of Expertise

  • Tax litigation and pre-litigation
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Taxation of natural persons
  • Taxation of professionals
  • Tax Monitoring for natural persons - RW
  • Tax consulting and assistance
  • International and European Union Tax Law
  • Indirect and Registration Taxation
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