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ESG - Environmental, Social e Governance

Welcome to our ESG topics page, where we present the initiatives we have taken to promote environmental, social, and governance sustainability.


Our actions


● We have started a dematerialization process resulting in a significant reduction in the use of paper and stationery.
● We have replaced all multifunction printers with state-of-the-art machines that minimize toner consumption.

Plastic consumption

We installed drinking water dispensing columns and equipped all colleagues with water bottles to avoid the consumption of single-use bottles and reduce plastic use.


● We pay attention to the use of recycled materials and sort waste to encourage recycling.
● We use coffee machines with ground coffee beans and use compostable and Moka capsules to reduce the use of single-use capsules.

Energy efficiency

● Our offices are equipped with autonomous heating systems or with thermostatic valves and energy-efficient air conditioning.
● Milan and Turin offices are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights.

Prevention and reduction of air pollution

● We promote the use of public transport and bicycles wherever possible to get to our offices and clients, and provide opportunities for smart working.
● We promote the use of video conferencing tools to reduce travel and commuting.


Our people at the center


  • We regularly assess the satisfaction level of our staff and employees through personal interviews at the end of each professional season and surveys conducted by leading external companies in order to then take corrective action when necessary.
  • In 2022, we achieved positive results in the Study survey entrusted to the leading company Great Place to Work, which focused its survey on the themes of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and cohesion.


  • We give employees and collaborators the opportunity to take advantage of the remote working for a better balance between professional and personal life.

Opportunities and inclusion


  • We believe in the value of young people who form the heart of the firm and invest in their professional development. 45% of our staff are under 40 years old and more than 70% are under 50 years old.



We offer English courses for our professionals and employees.

We organize in-house courses taught by our senior staff for young professionals.

We take care of mandatory training required by professional registries to ensure continuous growth and updating of skills.

Security and privacy

  • We adopt high standards of data protection and respect for our clients’ privacy, using state-of-the-art IT tools and software.


  • We promote the work of cultural associations and charitable organizations such as ActionAid, ECOVIS Foundation, Sea Museum Promoters Association and other local and national organizations.


Our solid foundations


  • The governance of the Firm is entrusted to 23 partners, 39% of whom are women. We actively involve all our professionals and employees in the management of the business through dedicated working groups and a constant exchange of ideas and proposals.

Code of values and behavior

  • We have adopted a Code of Values and Behaviors that guides and inspires the activities of all our employees and professionals.


  • Consult the Code of Values and Behaviors pdf 1.06 MB

Activities and areas of focus

ECOVIS STLex Firm is engaged in the ESG field also and especially thanks to the team of consultants able to assist companies on the path to sustainability on environmental, social and governance matters.