Andrea Villa

andrea villa ecovis stlex
Chartered Accountant Partner
Languages Spoken Italian, English
Firm Genoa


I graduated cum laude with a degree in Economics and Trade from the University of Genoa in 1994.  I am a member of Genoa ODCEC (1996) and of the Order of Chartered Accountants (1999).  I have been a partner at ECOVIS STLex – Studio Legale Tributario since 2000. Previously I held the position of CFO at Automobili Lamborghini SpA (1997-1999).


I handle corporate and tax consulting and accounting for medium-sized and large national and international companies and groups. I perform governance and audit activities as a member of various boards of directors and statutory auditors. I mainly handle corporate and group reorganisation transactions, the Italian operations of multinational companies, extraordinary finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions. I act as advisor in numerous M&A transactions and am an expert in company valuations.

Personal profiles and commitments

I am a former competitive rugby player and consequently never shy away from helping those in need.  My pragmatism requires me to devote my energies not to talking about problems but to trying to solve them.


  • Mining Industry
  • IT – Software – AI – Innovation
  • Start-ups & Venture Capital
  • Textile Industry
  • Insurance - brokerage
  • Mechanical and Mechanical Engineering Industry
  • Nautical sector
  • Holding and investment companies
  • Information and Communication Technology / AI
  • Logistics - transport and storage
  • M&A e Private Equity
  • Utilities and multi-utilities (waste - water - electricity - gas)
  • Clinics - health - medical
  • Construction and contracting
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
  • Shipping

Area of Expertise

  • Superbonus 110 and Ecobonus
  • Patent Box
  • Taxation of natural persons
  • Tax Monitoring for natural persons - RW
  • Tax planning for estates - trusts and generational transfers
  • Financial statements - management control - auditing - compliance - corporate assignments
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Appraisals and Valuations of shares - companies and estates
  • Legal Auditing
  • Start up
  • Start-up & Venture Capital
  • Inheritance - financial - generational relating to family equity
  • Civil litigation and pre-litigation
  • IFRS International Accounting Standards
  • Tax consolidation
  • Tax consulting and assistance
  • International and European Union Tax Law
  • Corporate and Group Taxation
  • M&A - extraordinary transactions and due diligence
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