Management control and reporting

Management control has become an increasingly important and fundamental activity for every type of business over the years. An adequate planning and management control system enables companies to cope with the ever-increasing complexity and globalisation of the modern world without uncertainty, reducing the various risks. The consolidated experience of the experts at ECOVIS STLex in the field of management control activities allows us to assist clients in the pursuit of the development goals they wish to achieve, supplying constant support during the ongoing control phases in order to understand the progress of activities and make any corrections necessary in relation to design errors or changes in context, and ex post, focusing on outcomes, results and impact. The lines of activity relating to management control can be placed on three levels:

  1. Strategic control – business plan and budget
    Within the scope of this activity, we assist management in preparing and verifying the consistency of strategic business plans and long-term industrial plans (Business plan), complete with a provisional income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecast.
    We also assist management with the preparation of annual budgets which enable the practical implementation and realisation of medium- to long-term strategic plans. 
  2. Managerial control – reporting
    We support management in the ongoing measurement of the achievement of short-term economic and financial targets, drawing up monthly or quarterly statements (reporting) and comparing them with annual budgets (variance analysis);
  3. Operational control – cost analysis
    We assist the client in the ongoing pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes, examining performance ratios and the incidence of costs and assets compared to industry standards;
  4. Business Crisis Prevention – Assessing the adequacy of the organisational set-up
    The new Business Crisis Code (Legislative Decree 14/2019) has introduced an obligation for all corporate bodies to establish an organisational, administrative and accounting set-up appropriate to the nature and size of the business, also with a view to the early detection of the business crisis and the loss of business continuity.

The lawyers, auditors and chartered accountants of ECOVIS STLex support their Clients so that they can take prompt action to adopt and implement codified procedures for the timely detection of corporate crises and to overcome the crisis and restore business continuity.

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