Administrative and accounting services

In addition to legal and tax consulting, ECOVIS STLex is a professional firm organised and equipped with specific professional tools and skills to offer Italian and foreign companies various outsourcing solutions for accounting and administration, payroll and reporting.

  1. Outsourcing of accounting
    We have accumulated specific experience in interpreting the expectations of the most organised and demanding clients and offer accounting and administration management services with real time updates, efficient processes and economic advantages for the client in terms of comparison with fixed internal management costs.
    Within the scope of this activity, our technical accounting staff is able to process ordinary and analytical-managerial accounting using both the ECOVIS or SISTEMI Spa ® IT systems and all other software, ERP, platforms and operating systems made available by customers online (SAP, QAD, JDE, Quickbooks, etc.). We offer advice and assistance for the organisation and computerisation of administrative management and, for the efficiency, innovation and digitisation of processes, reducing the use of paper and print-outs, and we develop projects for the reorganisation of administrative procedures.
  2. Accounting with IFRS, USGAAP or Group accounting standards
    ECOVIS STLex’s team of accountants can offer professional services and solutions to update company accounts, not only following Italian accounting standards, but also IAS, IFRS or US GAAP. This applies to both the updating of accounting systems and scheduled operational reporting (monthly, quarterly or annual).
    The experts of our “Accounting” service line and our auditors and chartered accountants can also offer qualified support in the study and introduction of IAS IFRS and US GAAP.
  3. Scheduled reporting for management control
    ECOVIS STLex professionals regularly prepare accounting statements in all kinds of formats for upload to client platforms and systems, keeping the organisational system running smoothly and allowing the disclosure of information to the various levels concerned. The report, the composition and structure of which are designed together with the client, is intended to harmonise standards and facilitate communication between subsidiaries located in various EU and non-EU countries and the parent company. We are particularly attentive and have accumulated significant experience in monitoring every requirement of Italian and multinational companies in terms of reporting trails, the punctuality of monthly reporting (also within two working days of the end of each period) and the reconciliation of differences between general accounting and management/analytical accounting. 
  4. Treasury management and preparation of payments
    The firm’s professionals support clients by providing integrated and specialised cash flow management consulting, identifying the correct planning of financial needs and identifying and anticipating any critical issues in the model in order to intervene in plenty of time. It also verifies the cash flows anticipated in the short, medium and long term in order to control and optimise the use of cash and credit lines.
    The benefits of systematic preventive corporate treasury management can be summed up as follows:
    – greater control of the company’s cash flow, resulting in a lower net financial position;
    – better financial performance ratios, resulting in an improved credit rating;
    – increased contractual strength and therefore greater availability of credit.
    ECOVIS STLex’s team of accountants also provides outsourced treasury management support, performing activities such as preparing and executing payments and collections, reconciling current accounts, checking bank charges and monitoring rates.
  5. Employee expense note management
    The firm uses expense note management solutions that simplify the entire process, from the collection and filing of receipts, to their reporting, and their administrative analysis and control.
    This system is very popular with our clients as it allows them to manage the entire process in both operational and administrative areas.

This activity is recommended for

Mid-market companies and investment funds
Companies that look to the Italian market
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