Payroll operations

ECOVIS STLex offers labour consultancy and personnel administration services through the specialised company Cedis S.r.l. and the firm’s labour consultants. 

  1. Labour consultancy
    within the scope of this activity, labour consultants and lawyers specialised in employment law assist clients from the establishment of the employment relationship throughout its performance to its termination, in assessing the possibility of subsidised recruitment, in drafting employment contracts and letters of employment and in the processing of recruitment, transformation and termination of employment relationships.
  2. Payroll operations
    the service offered by the firm and Cedis in this sphere is designed and organised in such a way as to meet the expectations of different types of companies in a complete and thorough manner, and therefore covers the processing of payroll and contributions relating to all collective labour agreements. By way of example, the services provided consist in the processing and online transmission of:
    – monthly pay slips
    – UNIEMENS models
    – F24 models
    – register of wages
    – statements and payment forms for complementary pension funds
    – statements of accruals and severance pay
    – annual employee tax statements (CUD)
    – withholding tax forms (770)
    – INAIL (National institute for insurance against industrial injuries) payment and self-liquidation statements

This activity is recommended for

Mid-market companies and investment funds
Companies that look to the Italian market
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