Financial Statements

The Financial Statements with their reports are the most important set of documents with which the company communicates to all its stakeholders the state of health, targets, results, opportunities and operational risks. The financial statements are also the basis for correctly calculating performance ratios and the fiscal impact of the company’s activities. The financial statements must provide a true and fair view of the economic situation as well as a company’s assets and liabilities and its financial position.

The experts at ECOVIS STLex offer their clients complete and qualified assistance and advice, whether they are corporations or partnerships, for the preparation of their financial statements in the form required by law. More specifically, the firm provides tax and accounting advice and assistance for the preparation of the following documents:

  • Statutory financial statements in accordance with Italian and international accounting standards, complete with balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and explanatory notes, as well as the report on operations,
  • Statutory financial statements according to IFRS,
  • Consolidated financial statements of the group of companies.
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