Establishment of corporate structures and joint ventures

The professionals at ECOVIS STLex have developed solid experience in setting up corporate and governance structures.

We assist and support partnerships and joint-stock companies, including those with public shareholdings, in the assessment and definition of optimal and functional corporate and governance structures for the prevention of risks associated with corporate management, and in the improvement of the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for the development of good corporate governance. 

The decision to launch a joint venture is usually based on the awareness that, under certain circumstances, it is a better and more effective means of reaching strategic goals for the development of your business.

The consulting and assistance provided by ECOVIS STLex includes the following activities:

  • preliminary feasibility checks of the joint venture project; 
  • assistance and consulting in the search for one or more partners;
  • analysis of the economic, productive and commercial feasibility of the project and progressive identification of the mutual obligations that each of the partners will foreseeably have to assume for the success of the joint venture;
  • legal, contractual and corporate assistance during the negotiation and drafting of the joint venture agreement.
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