The experts at ECOVIS STLex have extensive experience as advisors and external consultants in the processes of due diligence for tax, corporate, legal, accounting and labour matters within the context of extraordinary transactions such as acquisitions of shareholdings, mergers and demergers, disposals and business leases.

ECOVIS STLex offers assistance and advice both to the vendor (Vendor Due Diligence), promoted by the parties intending to sell a business in order to make the sale process faster and more transparent, and to the buyer (Buyer Due Diligence), carried out for the benefit of a party that has an interest in a company and requires all the information necessary to conclude an acquisition.

The assistance offered by our experts to clients within the framework of Vendor Due Diligence is aimed at providing potential buyers with a clear and truthful picture of the company’s performance and its compliance and timely fulfilment of the main requirements related to labour, safety, environment, tax, accounting, contracts, authorisations, etc.  the activity is performed with the use of the most advanced technological tools such as the Huddle ® document sharing and collaboration platform, which allows rational, protected, secure and organised access to a large number of documents and information, enabling all potential buyers to make notes, requests and comments and to download said documents and information depending on the permissions and authorisations granted by clients. 

Buyer Due Diligence is performed with the aim of identifying potential tax, legal, accounting and labour liabilities of material significance to the Target company by analysing documents deemed appropriate and pertinent for the purposes of the acquisition transaction to the professionals involved in the assignment.

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