It is fair to say that all companies require an audit regardless of the type of business they conduct. There are a multitude of legally regulated tools that are also an excellent way to monitor the performance of a company and to know how and when to change direction or make changes to the organisation of a business.

  1. Statutory and voluntary auditing
    The aim of the statutory auditor is to certify that the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the applicable framework of reference and that they provide a true and fair view of the company’s financial position and economic performance. In particular, the goal of auditing the financial statements is to obtain all the information necessary to enable the auditor to express an opinion regarding whether the financial statements as a whole, and in all their significant aspects, have been drawn up in compliance with the provisions governing the criteria for their preparation.
    ECOVIS STLex offers an audit service to small and medium-sized enterprises precisely with the aim of accompanying them towards positive results, analysing the data in the financial statements to ensure that they contain no significant errors.

  2. Process and system audits
    Within the scope of process and system audits, the firm assists its clients via a systematic, independent and documented approach to obtain objective evidence and assess it objectively in order to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are met.
    The aim is to fulfil regulatory obligations or to obtain/maintain certification of management systems if these have been implemented by the company. But above all, it is to assign adequate coverage to company activities that present a higher degree of risk.
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